• The Global School for Social Leaders reaches more than 60,000 leaders in more than 30 countries worldwide.

San José, Costa Rica.Marysela Zamora, director of Nosotras Women Connecting, is awarded as leader of Latin America, by The Global School of Social Leaders. The recognition was made this week in Vienna, Austria, because of her significant work on women’s empowerment with the initiative working along with girls and women from Costa Rica, Latin-American and Kenya, Africa.


«This is a recognition that means a stronger commitment from my side to girls and women empowerment. I believe to achieve gender equality needs that every possible leader to commit seriously to include every woman», Zamora said.


Each year the Global School of Social Leaders recognizes in different categories and special mentions the emerging leaderships of Latin America, which contribute to the human and sustainable development of their region through their trajectory, innovative solutions, and systemic vision.

This year, a special mention is made within the generation of the change for its contribution in gender equality to the Costa Rican Marysela Zamora, Executive Director of Nosotras Women Connecting, platform to promote leadership in girls, teens and women that has been operating since 2017 in Costa Rica and this year began its program in Kenya, Africa.

The Global School of Social Leaders is part of The Ban Ki-Moon Institute. In addition, it carries out contents, studies and research that reach more than 60,000 leaders in more than 30 countries around the world. The funding is intended to support the development and promotion of social initiatives, leadership development, scholarships, research and work in the field of local leadership.

This model is based on the idea of an aspiration of a world where freedom, happiness, and personal responsibility make the world flourish. However, it is recognized that despite the great advances of humanity, the planet still suffers symptoms such as social inequality, environmental collapse, violence, and corruption. This is why regional leaders who work daily on eradicating these causes are rewarded.

The awards were given on December 4, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

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