This 2019, Nosotras Women Connecting is having its first summit out of Costa Rica. The initiative is traveling to Kisumu, Kenya.

We have selected 19 outstanding and the brightest emerging women entrepreneurs from Kisumu to be part of our community of leaders who work for a better world from the business.

Below you will find the detail information about our Generation and their business. If you want to contact some of the girls, don’t hesitate to email us.

Meet our new generation: LAB Nosotras Women Leaders, Kenya 2019 


Meet some of them in this video:


1. Nancy Okutah

She is the sole founder of Koko Media her business has been operational for 2years, it is a Digital Marketing and branding company. The business has been able to enhance visibilities to various SMEs in Kisumu. It is a reputable digital marketing firm in western Kenya .Nancy Okutah is also a blogger, member of Lions Club Kisumu, Host and Rotarad club Kisumu. Despite being an entrepreneur she is also a social justice defender whereby they social media to create awareness in the society at large.

2. Mumbi Serah

She is an entrepreneur of hope well firm, her business has been functioning for 2years now. The business provide wellness service to the community. For the past two years it has provided counseling services to over 1000 adolescentism and youths within Uasin Gishu County. They have been able to organize an event on depression through partnership with youth groups, medical doctors and health experts. Mumbi is a counseling psychologist, passionate about what she does, she believes in creating solutions to the needs of the community, Mumbi also enjoys offering voluntary service for organizations.

3. Sheprine Akinyi

Sheprine is the director and founder of Imani Moccasssions Ventures. The business has been operational for 2years till now. It’s a lunch hour restaurant also offers different types of events. Sheprine has gone through a college diploma and university degree both with impressive outcome. Sheprine is an excellent public speaker and has also led many successful public projects. Through the business she has been able to train youths and women on the importance of environmental conservation. Her dream is to be able to employ more youths and women in order to influence their lives positively in the community to enable them to eradicate poverty and promote development.

4. Mildred Adhiambo

She is the director and founder of Balmy Community Enterprises so far the business has been operational for 1 year. Business mostly deal in promotions of self-confidence through better hygiene. However she has 2years experience in the business environment. Mildred is aspiring to make Balmy Community Enterprise business the leading in western Kenya. Mildred is a student teacher, evaluator and perfume flack. She believes in women empowerment a team leader and very outgoing. Passionate about collaborations and strategies in achieving desired outcomes throughout her journey to realizing life goals through entrepreneur.

5. Christine Olilo.

She is the founder momslove daycare which has been functioning for 3 months. They take care of children safety and health. She is outgoing and ready to save parents from stressful hustle of who to take care of their little children. Christine is an independent mother with two daughters, she is highly passionate about children ministry and very determined.

6. Beatrice Odero

Founder of Khogadah Ventures, business has been functioning for a year. It’s an ICT based business dealing with cyber operation and computer services. Beatrice is ICT skilled and currently pursuing undergraduate in mathematics science. Her main aim is to eradicate poverty in the society by creating job opportunities

7. Catherine Chelenga Soi

Director and founder of SOI palled design, it has been functioning for 9months. They specifically make furniture using pallets making it more marketable and affordable to the less privileged. Catherine has been alternatively depending on affordable furniture. Catherine loves what she does and really loves what she is doing. She aspires to create job employment to women through unique furniture.

8. Elizabeth Achieng

Owner of Mamamamu Nguoz, the business has been functioning for 5months. It is based or deals with Mitumba clothing line that deals with children and household items. Her business picks best from new bale preference to offer economic support as a single mother to her daughter and to expand her business. Elizabeth works on a volunteer basis to support adolescent on care. She is also a secretary in a women group. Practice table banking to support and develop their business.

9. Grace Adhiambo

Running Young Women Volunteers for Peace initiative. The business has only functioned for 7months. It promotes and supports the role of young people, especially women in peace building activities that contribute to their living together as one in dignity. It has helped educate the young women on the importance of speaking and standing up for their rights. Grace also engage young women in conversations about choosing peace as a measure to mitigate family disasters and mental health issues, she has also managed to mentor over 20 young women from different parts of the communities and 30 women students from her university.

10. Portia Geteri

Is the founder of SONTSE Enterprise they have been functioning for 1year 6months. They are basically identified for selling dry food products in the CBD next to cooperative bank opposite biashara market, though they have been operational only for a year. They sell the products in bulk and retail supply to individuals, hotels and schools in Kisumu and its environment. They are able to sort out their products giving their clients easy time and get clean products also ensure they source out quality products so that they can give clients best quality of healthy dry grains.

11. Esther Mutinda

Founder of flourish bakers which has been functioning for 3years. Esther bakery was inspired by the need to fill the gap in nutrition for breakfast items in the community. It has created major job opportunities both directly and indirectly. Esther aspires to provide direct employment to more than 30 youths and being able to supply her products in the western region.

12. Leah Njahi

Owner of Lollipops and smoothie bar which has been functional for 3months. The business provides its consumers with fresh vegetables, fruit juice, and smoothie both for lifestyle and health beverages. Leah aspiration is to increase both sales and clients. She is self-driven positive about life and never comfortable with average. Diversely experienced in performance art, customer service, events and entrepreneur that seek to serve and provide employment opportunities to the society at large.

13. Julie Yongo

Julie works with women. They have been active for 2years. The organization is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower women capacity for them to be good leaders, independent, and self-starters by fighting for their rights and leadership spaces forming support groups for minority women living with HIV and same sex parents to be able to assist each other. This it to motivate them not to give up in life but to get on their feet and fight. Julie has a degree in Public Relations and diploma in marketing, human rights defender and director of Women Working with Women.

14. Suba Verse

Suba working with PRINCE II KINGS, which has been functional for 6months. This program is a journey whereby young men learn the road towards being man enough focusing on being responsible for their actions, helpful to their community. It also offers small group and one on one mentoring prince. The purpose of the project was after finding how boys and young men have been neglected and marginalized in that their needs have been forgotten and given very minimal attention. Suba is easily approachable with straightforward communication. She has a desire to get satisfaction by giving back to the community the positive impact.

15. Cynthia Weyala

Cynthia is the founder of Fairmounts International School, which has been operational for the past 9months. The school out of service need. Cynthia is a dentist by profession, has a special interest in children’s welfare. This was after she went hunting for a chance for her daughter but none of the schools met the standards she was looking thus pushing her or rather motivating her to start an International school and was able to establish what she really aspired.

16. Nancy Okech

Nancy is the owner of NACAO business which has been functioning for one year. She produces uniquely and quality baked cakes at home and also sells cake to the community at large. Her main aspiration has not only been to supply the cakes in Kisumu and its environment but to expand also in major towns. She has been able to partner with two organizations in supplying them with cakes and it has been able to improve economic status. Nancy is specialized in producing banana cakes, also a holder of a degree in community health and development.

17. Winfrida Achola

Winfrida is the sole founder of Zirnar Enterprises which has been active for one year. The business focuses on photography, videography, interior décor products, beauty products and accessories. Winfrida has a degree In journalism and mass communication specialized in Public Relations and advertising option from Masinde Muliro University. She was aggressive and decided to go independent after many years of job hunting. She opted to go independent and settled for what she loved doing.

18. Maureen Adhiambo

Maureen works with KONYA DISABILITY SUPPORT ORGANIZATION. This organization has been functional for 9months. Its main purpose is to advocate and lobby for people with disability and ensures quality service offered in cooperating with other governors in developing innovative and flexible opportunities within the community to support individual choices. Maureen is dedicated through Public Health expert with prevention, advocacy and community. She is a flexible team player with expertise in community mobilization.

19. Rosemary Shikari

Founder of MAMATOTO PREGNANCY AND WELLNESS EDUCATIVE CENTRE. The business has been going on for 12months with the intention to support breastfeeding and pregnant mothers throughout for the first 1000days on new-born life. Rosemary has been able to position herself as a global mentor by building long-term career in community maternal health, enhancing quality strategic advantages as well as apply experience and versatility to build other providers. She’s highly developed, rational, self-starter, disciplined and confident mentor. Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills with problem resolution abilities with effective training.


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