What is it?

Nosotras Women Connecting (NWC) is a platform movement declared of national interest by the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica, created in 2016 by the non-profit organization Fábrica de Historias . NWC advocates for gender equality and inclusion by connecting vulnerable girls and women with well-established female leaders in a mentoring space to not only empower them, but also to strengthen their entrepreneurial, political and soft skills for them to become the new impact leaders of their communities.

Nosotras Women Connecting creates virtuous circles of women who work together to build a new league of women leaders that transform gender gaps and impact their communities to be more inclusive, fair and caring with all humans. All of this through our leadership and entrepreneurial labs for girls and women, the follow up, our storytelling platform and our international conference event which help us to reach bigger audiences and decision-makers.

Leadership and Entrepreneurial LAB

During the LAB, the organization works on helping businesses redefine and describe the essence of the business eco-system and how to ensure that businesses are aligned to the ecosystem, leadership skills, pitching, strategic thinking and world vision and how businesses can be part of community change.

Pitch Competition

During the LAB, women will work on their pitch to present it in the last day in front of a jury and a audience. They will receive money prizes to invest in their businesses.

Nosotras Women Connecting: International Conference

The final day shall be used for important speakers to tell their stories and ideas in 15 minutes talk. This is and inspirational event in a local theatre to inspire upcoming women leaders through the entrepreneurial and leadership spirit of other players who have passed this path before.

Nosotras Women Connecting was founded by Marysela Zamora, a film and performing arts producer based in Costa Rica. She is an Arts Entrepreneur, also founder of Fabrica de Historias (artistic and creative production company). She has been in charge of projects like The Odd Couple (2019), Broadway Cabaret Night (2017, 2018 & 2019), Chicago, the musical (2017 & 2018), West Side Story (2015), Films for Transparency Film Festival (2018). Marysela is a social activist and has worked in Presidential House as a consultant for the Solis Rivera administration (2014-2018).

Marysela Zamora is a feminist activist and Arts Entrepreneur from Costa Rica.