Nosotras | Women Connecting is an initiative that promotes leadership training for girls, teenagers and women in Latin America who dream of a more empathetic, resilient and equitable world.

Our vision

Girls, teenagers and women are united creating solutions for a more prosperous, inclusive and fair society.

Our mission

We inspire girls, teenagers and women to change the world through their leadership.

Our work

Through solidarity and the collaborative leadership of women it can be possible to create the conditions to promote female empowerment, as well opportunities for economic development, political participation, inclusive representation in the media, education and new leaderships. We believe that by creating partnerships among women we can promote the changes required to become a more just and empathetic society.

First LAB Women Leaders Generation, 2017. Photography: Mario Gomez, BlackPepper Studio.


Nosotras | Women Connecting is a movement created by the Costa Rican organization Fábrica de Historias, entrepreneurship that imagines, designs and implements creative solutions to address gender and human rights concerns through the production of performing arts, cinema and hybrid projects of communication.

Fábrica de Historias originated in December 2015 with the purpose of establishing a platform and creative hub for projects and artistic productions that share meaningful stories and help building  a community in charge of promoting and creating diverse artistic content, as well as of fostering audiences and new opportunities for the artistic community.

Both, Nosotras | Women Connecting & Fábrica de Historias  were founded by Marysela Zamora, an arts & culture entrepreneur from Costa Rica, working hard on creating proposals that challenge the way people interact with each other and the world that surrounds them.

Nosotras | Women Connecting in 2016 forged an alliance with Ana Helena Chacón, former Vice-president of the Republic of Costa Rica, to create an annual event where exceptional women from Latin America share their stories with girls, teenagers and women from Costa Rica. Along this the organization created the program for Women Leaders, bringing together 20 women from Costa Rica to rethink their leadership and how to create profitable businesses with important impact on society.

With these efforts, Nosotras | Women Connecting seeks to promote a new movement of women who work together to build a better society. In this way, and with the support of diverse public-private alliances, the first edition of Nosotras | Women Connecting was conducted in March 2017, for the first time.

After the first successful edition, stared by Christiana Figueres (Former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)), Sandra Cauffman  (Earth Science Division Deputy Director, NASA), María Soledad Cisternas ( Special Envoy of UN-SG on Disability and Accessibility) and Ana Helena Chacón, (Former VicePresident of Costa Rica); Nosotras forges an alliance with UNICEF Costa Rica, so it starts working leadership  with girls of 14 years old and up.

In 2018, Nosotras keeps working with different allies such us the USA Embassy in San José, Costa Rica; ViceMinistry of Youth, Ministry of Culture and Youth, Ministry of Tourism, Vital Voices, United Nations System, among others.

Currently, Nosotras | Women Connecting  in alliance with the new VicePresident of Costa Rica Epsy Campbell Barr. Last April was the last International Summit Nosotras Women Connecting celebrated in the National Theatre, San José Costa Rica. This last edition was made of two days of talks of extraordinary women from different parts of the world: Carolina Hidalgo (President of the Congress of the Republic of Costa Rica), Pilar Lozano (Mexican Congress Woman); Paola Tapia  (Former Ministry of Transport, Chile, Barchellet’s Administration); Daniela Chacón (Former Vice Major of Quito, Ecuador); Sharon Day (United States of America Ambassador in Costa Rica), Pelayo Castro (United Europe Ambassador), Krysta Frysinger (Global Solutions Manager, Mckinsey), Patricia Mora (Ministry of Women, Costa Rica), Epsy Campbell Barr.(Vicepresident of Costa Rica), among others. See the full list here.

In August, 2019, Nosotras Women Connecting will hold its first International Conference outside of Costa Rica. The initiative is traveling to Kisumu, Kenya to implement the LAB Women Leaders and Nosotras Women Connecting  Summit, thanks to an alliance with Millennial Legacy Investments and the support of Community Solutions Program, IREX.

Negra Soy (I am a Black Woman)  – Mini Theatre Play in Nosotras Women Connecting 2019. Photography: Daniela Martínez




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