In 2016, Fábrica de Historias launched the Project Nosotras:Women Connecting as a platform to enhance the leadership of girls, teenagers and women. We believe that by creating spaces of encounter and mentorship for women, we can contribute to enhance, strengthen and foster the female leadership that is required to transform the world we live in.

This 2019, Nosotras is traveling to Kenya to make the first Women Connecting Leadership LAB  happening in August in the city of Kisumu.  Nosotras Leadership LAB has had three successful editions (2017 & 2018) in which we directed our efforts towards female entrepreneurs.


The purpose of the LAB is to create a space of mentorship/coaching from female leaders to female leaders, and to facilitate the improvement of productive ideas and social projects, so that their development and success becomes a reality. Our aim is that the projects directed by women are sustainable and scalable throughout time, and it is because of this that we consider it crucial for them to receive the support and guidance of female leaders that have already experienced their own process of building leadership.

Nosotras Leadership LAB aspires to become a referent for strengthening women and their life projects, and even more importantly, for our LAB to be the seedbed of the next generation of free, creative, innovative, brave and empowered women that will transform the world with their ideas of change.

If you want to be part…

Nosotras Women Connecting and Millennial Legacy seek to carry out a 4 days women business conference in Kisumu.


1) Being a woman who resides in Kisumu, Kenya.
2) Minimum age 18 years
3) Speak, read and write English and Kiswahili
4) Have an enterprise or be the co-owner of an entrepreneurship
5) Have a vision of growth for the future of you project
6) Have complete availability to attend all the sessions.

The LAB will give you the following benefits during the workshops:

1) Certificate of participation.
2) Work Kit.
3) Lunch and Snacks.
4) Professional team available to assist you with any questions or emergencies.
5) Entrance for the international summit: Nosotras Women Connecting 2019.

If you fill the criteria, please apply by clicking here 

We want to be the stage in which women encourage other women by sharing their stories and experiences, we want to be the microphone of a new generation so that they communicate, connect, call to action and work collectively. In this way, by strengthening women’s leadership and their projects, we can effectively build a better world, more inclusive and just, in which the gender gap is eliminated and where the socioeconomic and political empowerment of women are promoted, both in Costa Rica and Latin America.

Nosotras Women Connecting is an initiative declared of national interest by the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica (Decree No.  40798 MP-MCM).



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